Adjustable Bedside Commode

From $9.00 - $70.00 per day (USD)

Day based pricing : Adjustable Bedside Commode (2)
1 - 1 days : $70.00 / Day
2 - 2 days : $35.00 / Day
3 - 3 days : $23.33 / Day
4 - 4 days : $17.50 / Day
5 - 5 days : $14.00 / Day
6 - 6 days : $11.66 / Day
7 - 7 days : $10.00 / Day
8 - 30 days : $9.00 / Day
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A portable commode, or toilet chair, is a quality choice for those who need an easily accessed bathroom alternative. It discreetly provides relief for those with limited mobility or continence issues who still want to enjoy a vacation destination.

Our commodes are all-in-one, which helps to reduce the number of items that need to be carried or put together. This all-in-one design means they can easily be transported to any resort, hotel or condo. The portable commode can conveniently be placed next to a bed or can be folded up and taken with you if you take decide to take an overnight trip.

The portable commode snap-on seat is made of a durable plastic and has a lid. It comes complete with a large, 12 quart size commode bucket that has a cover, splash shield and a metal handle for easy pickup and discarding of materials.

The frame of the portable commode is quality constructed with gray, power-coated, steel-welded materials to help increase its strength and durability. There are plastic arms for your added comfort and it also has a back that can be removed at any time without needing the use of additional tools. The removable back gives you the option to use the stool of the portable commode over a normal toilet where it can serve as a raised toilet seat.

Our portable commodes are perfectly designed for the traveler who is looking for discreet comfort and convenience on their vacation.

Upon delivery our staff provides a full demonstration of how to use the product. We also offer a 24-hour phone number for any additional help, assistance or emergencies that might arise during your stay.