P. Holosko


Hi friends,
This is P. Holosko’s daughter and I just want to send some amazing compliments your way. To you both, whom we met at the Occidental Tucancun, and your company.
When we arrived at the hotel my mom was so exhausted and trying her best o put her best and only foot forward. When you greeted her right away and got her settled in the chair was the start of her most amazing holiday ever. She hasn’t been international travelling in 25years and minimal anything since her leg was amputated in 2014. She was able to enjoy your beautiful area of the world in ease and comfort. When you had checked out the resort for her too was above and beyond the call of duty. Many many many thanks to you both. I would love to write you an endorsement or spread the word of your wonderful company anyway I could.
Thankyou and thankyou again sincerely M. Zips.