Frequently Asked Questions

A mobility scooter gives you total freedom and self sufficiency to move around town and resorts that require lots of walking.
The 2 models are both 4 wheelers and offer great stability, the GoGo Traveler can carry persons up to 275lbs / 125kgs and the Victory 10 instead persons up to 400lbs / 180kgs. If your body weight is close to the maximum weight capacity the Victory 10 will be more comfortable.
We do deliver everywhere along the Riviera Maya from Playa Del Carmen to Cancun and from Playa Del Carmen to Tulum. Your mobility scooter will be delivered right upon your arrival at the Resort, Hotel, Condo, House from the Cancun Airport unless you ask for a different delivery time.
Our deliveries times go from 08:00am to 08:00pm, 7 days a week.
You will keep the mobility scooter inside your room at night. They are allowed in any area of the resorts and fit perfectly through the doors.
Yes, you, or another person from your family or group need to receive personally the mobility scooter or any other Playamobility product to fill and sign our standard waiver, take care of the possible pending balance and provide a valid Visa or Mastercard credit card to issue a No Charge security deposit ( just like the one when you are renting a car ) that will be cancelled upon mobility scooter return
Yes, you can pay with any Visa or Mastercard debit or credit card either online or on site. If you would like to pay with either American Express , Discover or any other credit card you will need to pay online before the delivery day.
The security deposit vary from product to product :
– GoGo Travel mobility scooter $200usd
– Victory 10 mobility scooter $300usd
– Wheelchair $100usd
– Other products $100usd
Yes, it would be better for you to let them know. Playamobility is well known to all the Resorts, but you should ask a ground floor room or make sure your accomodations have elevators to reach the higher floors. Unfortunately not all the resorts are 100% accessible.
Yes, we do offer any possible rental length. Feel free to ask the best quote for as many days you may need.
A full charge usually last a whole day, depending how much and how fast you will be driving the mobility scooter. You will need to charge the batteries nightly with the provided battery charger.